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The Marcel Concepts Story....


The company was founded in 1997 by Marcel James McThomas​ . After being passed over for a promotion with over $30 million in annual sales under my belt with a major communication corporation Marcel decided to quit and start his own company. Our company was started with a foundation of trust, commitment and our ability to close loans. Our transportation company started in 2014 with a focus on Logistic and Transportation service in all 48 states. Our fleet of 2016 and newer Volvo 780 are safe, fuel efficient and most desirable by drivers.  






In darkness talent will overcome all doubt

I found myself with a new home wife and life with no job. My first thought was to get out there and find a new position quickly and build from there, but that would never happen. I was downtown after many interviews and I met a guy who own a Hotdog stand and he ask me one question. If money was not an issue would you be looking for a job? I said no...At that point I knew I would open my company and focus on that one question with each client every day. Well it grew from a basement office and quickly grew to over 25 Consultants and 26 Rental Properties a Commercial Loan Services was born. Here we are in 2016 and we still ask that one question. If money was not an issue would you be looking for a job? And we have help one business one dream every since...


My goal is to find you the best possible solution to start or build your business. Unlike other companies I have been there and done that from the ground up one sucessful business at a time. Understanding your business starts with understanding you and your vision. If you have a vision we will help you see it to completion.

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